Fitness | Training | Jan 12 2017

Frank Buglioni – running for boxing

In a training column British champion Frank Buglioni explained running for boxing
Frank Buglioni on running for boxing
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THE importance of running for boxing is undoubtedly high. A well planned and correctly executed running program will have a direct correlation with your success inside the ring.

It provides the fighter with that crucial stamina. The footprint for endurance, movement, speed and even power. Running is our most basic and natural exercise. But don’t let that be overlooked. Modern fighters have grown to cross train and mix their training methods; which, proven through sports science, shows good results. However do not neglect your road work!

Running although primarily a lower body exercise, brings your arms and core into play – similarities to boxing, clearly evident. Try running with some light wrist or hand weights and you will soon realise how much your arms are used during a run.