FRANK BRUNO has conceded a return to competitive boxing is far fetched. In a television interview he had said he wanted to make a comeback but now, in an open letter published by the Sunday Mirror, he writes: “Any champion will tell you it is very hard to turn off those feelings when you leave the ring. I am human and I spoke from the heart. But I know deep down the days of me fighting for world titles are gone.”

There was widespread concern when the 54 year old declared his desire to return. Bruno is a much loved national hero who hasn’t boxed in almost 20 years, since a second defeat Mike Tyson ended his career. He has been struggling with a well documented bi polar disorder.

But Bruno does intend to campaign to raise awareness to help those suffering with mental health issues. He has still been boxing training, and looks in great shape for a man of his age, but explains in the Mirror article that exercise is a way of dealing with his mental condition.

Intriguingly one of the findings of a report soon to be published by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Boxing addresses the beneficial effects training in a boxing gym has on mental health, helping attention, focus, concentration and social interactions.