Feature | Aug 16 2018

Francesco Pianeta and Luke Jackson can (but probably won’t) ruin everything

Underdogs Francesco Pianeta and Luke Jackson can spoil everything for Tyson Fury and Carl Frampton on Saturday night, but which of the two is best equipped to produce the upset?
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury & Francesco Pianeta Press Conference  |  Action Images/Lee Smith

PICTURE the scene: three heavyweights and three featherweights are located in or around a boxing ring and two, just two, from each weight class will eventually square off and fight.

The wise move would be to put the two best together, sort the men from the boys, separate the wheat from the chaff, and find out the identity of numero uno. Yet this is boxing, a sport in which logic rarely impacts decision-making, so what we get instead is this: the two least qualified boxers of the six – as well as the least known – jump in the ring to box the two most qualified, most popular, and arguably the best.

That’s what’s on offer this Saturday night (August 18) anyway, when Tyson Fury boxes Francesco Pianeta while Deontay Wilder sits ringside and watches, and Carl Frampton boxes Luke Jackson while Josh Warrington sits and watches. Like some bizarre swingers party, this swapping of partners is a test of patience not only for the fighters involved but for everyone watching, too, those teased by the prospect of Wilder vs. Fury and Warrington vs. Frampton yet told, for now, to look and not touch.