Feature | Oct 29 2018

For Seanie Monaghan it all comes down to this next fight

Against Sullivan Barrera as much as Seanie Monaghan has to prove to the public, he has even more to prove to himself, writes Jack Hirsch
Seanie Monaghan
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UNDERSTAND this about boxing, that it is unlike any other sport. Last chances have become obsolete, that there will always be an opportunity at redemption at a later date. If an athlete is cut by his team, there is often the real possibility that he won’t catch on with another. But a fighter suffering a disastrous defeat can take a break, return with a low profile contest, and then suddenly be thrust into a high profile one. Long Beach, New York’s Seanie Monaghan can pose as the poster boy for that.

On November 3 at The Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, Monaghan gets his chance at redemption when he faces perennial light-heavyweight contender Sullivan Barrera in what will be a career defining fight for either better or worse. Monaghan was a late bloomer to the sport, having started his professional career in 2010, but the bottom line is that he is 37. If his time is not now, then when?

Being Irish with a large local following caught the attention of Top Rank. They carefully groomed Monaghan 29-1 (17) against mediocre opposition, getting him exposure and a world rating in the process. A title shot against WBC light-heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson seemed inevitable. Few would have picked Monaghan to win, but he had earned the opportunity albeit the slow and safe route. However, when Stevenson pulled out of the fight, in a roundabout way he also seemed to be pulling the plug on the Irishman’s career. Top Rank feeling they could do no more to advance Monaghan’s career released him from their promotional stable. Although they parted on friendly terms, Monaghan was lost. His patience had run thin with low profile fights, at low pay, while hoping a title shot would surface.


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