I DON’T think Fury cares if I’m there for the Klitschko fight or not but our relationship is not as one-sided as it may seem. Through his eventful path, erratic personality and the access he has allowed me, I have been able to improve my own status, crafting well-regarded articles in large part due to his memorable words. Fury would be the fighter he is regardless; I would not be the writer I am (for better or worse) without Fury.

So I should be in Dusseldorf. Who really needs to get married three times anyway – you’re not Henry VIII bro! I have to do my fraternal duty of course but do I not have another responsibility toward Fury whose journey I have followed assiduously? Maybe I can leave the reception early – there are no speeches – and watch Fury’s coronation or disappointment from my sofa. I owe him that much.

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