BALLS have been a popular topic of conversation in boxing recently. Amir Khan’s were admired for being big when he bravely elected to take the fight with Canelo Alvarez. Then to prove the size of his own Canelo went as far as suggesting potential rival Gennady Golovkn touch his, to check he wasn’t afraid. Whether we can start thinking of less earthy metaphors for bravery is one thing, but even when they aren’t speaking figuratively, there’s no denying the imperative to protect the groin rides high in fighters’ thoughts. A good groin guard may not be visible but it is very important indeed.

The Wraith groin guard is a fine looking piece of equipment from Fly. It is made with refined leather that is emblematic of the brand and the whole piece is well crafted, in Britain, another signature of Fly. It’s called Wraith because it is lightweight, noticeably so, and therefore of course useful for mobility as the boxer isn’t weighed down.

It is available in different sizes, small, medium and large, so it’s necessary to make sure you get the right one for the right fit. The thick, elasticated band fastens round the back, tied together by criss-crossing laces, holding it solidly in place. The padding of the protection is thick, soft but not overly bulky. There is a hard cup beneath the soft padding to give the groin proper protection.

The whole item has a luxurious feel to it, with gold trim to add the final finish of quality. This is a high end product, handmade to order, and that’s reflected in the price, £180. For more information visit