We say: Without question these are some of the finest gloves we’ve seen. You can tell the quality of the craftsman, these gloves are in fact handmade in Great Britian. You can even choose the leather to have a bespoke glove, tailored to your taste, from a sombre blue or black to gold or snakeskin.

The 14oz Superlace sparring gloves are extremely well padded and don’t feel overly bulky. They are very light and comfortable but offer great protection.

The grip inside the glove is such that you can make a tight fist so as to avoid injury and make sure your shots are solid. The thumb, which has been a hot topic for gloves this week, tucks in snugly.

The competition gloves are solidly padded round the knuckle part of the fist, and aesthetically pleasing.

They are as high-end as gloves get and that is reflected in the price. The 10oz Fly Halycon gloves cost £320, the Superlace training gloves £350. Equipment then for dedicated professionals, serious about their craft.

Manufacturer says: The Superlace, for all kinds of training, offers unparalleled durability, from our top-grade thick leather hides, to the lining and double stitching that adorn the interior. Incorporating our unique high-density foam, designed for optimal comfort and power.

The Halcyon boasts quadruple layered foam giving the wearer optimal protection without compromising feel. With the way the ergonomically perfect, quilted lining seamlessly hugs your hand, here at Fly, we say it’s fit for a champion.

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