Floyd Mayweather takes Mike Tyson’s crown as the king of the MGM Grand

Esther Lin/Showtime
Mayweather always wanted to steal the focus away from the heavyweight division

FLOYD MAYWEATHER will fight for the 15th time at the MGM Grand on Saturday night. The hotel and casino has become his second home, much like it was Mike Tyson’s in the 1990s.

Mayweather insists it was always his dream to steal the limelight away from the heavyweight division, which for so long was the sport’s banner weight class. The welterweight, who insists he is on the brink of retirement, believes he has succeeded.

“To become great, you have to follow greatness,” Floyd said ahead of his anticipated mismatch with Andre Berto. “To become a great leader you have to be a great follower. I want every fighter to stay focused and on a parallel path.”

“I’ve done a lot for this sport. Everyone used to be focused on heavyweights. My ultimate goal was to have everyone focus at whatever weight class I was, in my weight class. I’ve always been able to make noise at whatever weight class I was in.”

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