REPORTS have been circulating about a TMT (The Money Team) truck being torched in Birmingham as Floyd Mayweather conducts a speaking tour in the UK.

Mayweather commented, “Everybody keeps talking to me and saying to me that my automobile caught fire. My automobiles are in the US. So let me make this clear, my automobiles are in the US. But I like the story because it was all around the world.”

He continued, “We have trucks all around the world that say ‘TMT’. I’ve got so much support from people from all walks of life. So you TMT trucks in Africa, in Russia, you see them in Dubai, you see TMT trucks everywhere. Just because a TMT truck catches fire, doesn’t mean it’s my truck.

“My stay here has always been great, royal treatment, and I want to say thank you to everyone in London, everyone in the UK period for embracing us, me and my team with open arms. We’re very, very thankful.”