Feature | Sep 05 2014

Floyd Mayweather explains why Marcos Maidana will be easier this time, what involvement Alex Ariza has had in camp, and addresses 50 Cent’s claims he can’t read

Full transcript of Floyd Mayweather's final media conference call before Marcos Maidana rematch

Do you think that 50 Cent crossed the line by suggesting that you have trouble reading in that Instagram video that he posted?

F. Mayweather         

My thing is this, I try to focus on Maidana. I don’t really focus on that. I think people can believe whatever they want to believe. Intelligence and education are two different things. I’m happy with my career and I wish 50 Cent nothing but the best; when I’m in training camp I try to focus on my training. You have to realize that the circus is for clowns and my job is just to focus on my job, which is boxing. I know what I can and I can’t do, so I can care less.


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