IT’S pretty clear that there are two reasons why Mayweather-McGregor has been made.

First is the money it will generate. The revenue will be off the charts, perhaps equal to when Floyd Mayweather at last fought Manny Pacquiao in 2015. Second is that there are many, many people who believe Conor McGregor can win, and not only that, want him to win.

Those people want to see the best of UFC versus the best of boxing. It’s almost like a War Of The Worlds in a boxing ring. Or at least war of the combat worlds.

But are those people who say that McGregor has a chance right to do so?

No, because in reality McGregor has absolutely no chance at all.

That’s in no way me trying to be disrespectful by the way. But I’ll say it again: Some freak injury or event withstanding, McGregor (who is yet to engage in a single professional boxing match) has absolutely no chance in a boxing ring against Mayweather (who has been boxing all his life). If Floyd were to take Conor lightly or if he were to go easy just to make it interesting – which I don’t think he will or should – it might make a round or two relatively close. But for the life of me I just cannot see Conor even hitting Floyd very often – let alone winning.


It’s such a mismatch, my initial reaction to fight was that I wanted the Nevada Athletic Commission to make a stand and not sanction it. But at the same time, I realise they are in a tough situation because not allowing the fight to go through would deprive the city of a humongous financial windfall over the course of a single week. Almost every single business in the city of Las Vegas stands to benefit in a huge way; a lot more mouths than the families of Floyd and McGregor will be fed thanks to this one fight taking place.

But it’s important this event doesn’t tarnish boxing and its history. I believe that this fight shouldn’t even count on Floyd’s record. It seems to be more like an exhibition to me. I mean, when Rocky Marciano had his 49th fight it came against the legend, Archie Moore. He went out with a win like that and I just find it hard to believe that another legend like Floyd would choose this to be his final fight – and beat Marciano’s record in such a farcical way.

As for me personally, I am without a doubt not paying full price to watch this fight. The only way I could justify watching it is if a large group of my friends wanted to get together and have a fight party on that night and some of them were MMA fighters or fans. But in terms of me buying the fight, like I do a big pay-per-view boxing match when I sit down to study, dissect and enjoy it alone, that is definitely, one million percent, not happening.
The bottom line: I am not intrigued by this fight in any way, shape or form, and refuse to spend my own money to watch it. I am honestly amazed that so many people who should know better are so intrigued by it.