FLOYD MAYWEATHER vs Logan Paul is on, according to Floyd Mayweather’s social media. I discuss the exhibition on the video below and give my opinion which I know 95% of boxers, boxing fans and boxing journalists will not agree with. 

If you don’t think Logan Paul deserves this fight, and if you think Floyd should not be letting this guy get in the ring with him, well, the business case for it says different. 

They say it’s a “super exhibition” which will mean there is no ‘real’ winner. It won’t go on either of their records but I know they will be both going for it. 

Now I know Floyd is 50-0 compared to Logan’s 0-1 but Logan is 18 years younger than the great “Money” Mayweather, as well as 40lbs heavier and 6 inches taller. 

I’ve been in Logan’s home where he trains and believe me, he trains like a professional which he is. All boxers can learn from how Logan Paul has built a following and from Floyd’s smart business brain too. 

If you disagree with me on all this hopefully after watching this video you can see where I’m coming from: