Feature | Oct 17 2016

Five things we learned from the weekend ft. Tony Bellew, David Haye, Ryan Burnett and Joe Murray

Tony Bellew, Ryan Burnett and Joe Murray were all in action
Tony Bellew
Tony Bellew v BJ Flores WBC World Cruiserweight Title  |  Action Images/Lee Smith

You won’t like Tony Bellew when he’s angry

TONY BELLEW is not best known for his discretion before and after a big fight, and we were reminded about just how brilliantly spiteful the Liverpudlian can be both inside and outside the ropes this weekend.

BJ Flores, despite the respect he afforded WBC cruiserweight champion Bellew during fight week, had ‘The Bomber’ riled up and it spilled over a little at the weigh-in, then gushed everywhere on fight night. Rather than pick his shots and break Flores down, a marauding Bellew tore straight into him – shipping a fair bit along the way – dropping the American four times before forcing a third round stoppage.


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