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Five steps to build your own sports science programme

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson on how to develop an elite training regime

Step 5: Knowledge Transfer

‘Share results’ and ‘spread the word’ have been quite common phrases used in our article series so far. However, we have to be tactical about this so we engage with our audience.

Practitioners will always want to use scientific language in their writing, however this does not appeal to most of the population. Also, we need to appeal using different writing styles, use of media etc.

  • Build a social media profile
    • BS: Consistent professional posts on personal and website social media sites to raise profile and accumulate followers, we now have over 5,000 likes on our Facebook page.
  • Develop your web writing
    • BS: Practice, research and practice some more. It takes a while to develop a good writing style for the web, just keep it simple and stick to the purpose.
  • Use different types of media
    • BS: In our articles, we give our readers an exclusive insight to our programs in text, videos, pictures and infographs.
  • Keep posting
    • BS: People just flick through their social media at various points in the day, so they might not end up seeing some of your posts. Keep posting to make sure you reach a wider audience

Danny Wilson is a strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam University and the co-founder of

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