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Five steps to build your own sports science programme

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson on how to develop an elite training regime

Step 2: Volunteer / Affiliate

Although us sport scientists love our jobs, we have worked really hard to become qualified practitioners, therefore want to make a living from what we do. However, to start your sport science program, you have to be prepared to do some voluntary work.

My first boxing client was Boxing Science Ambassador Callum Beardow. My initial service to Callum was free of charge, however I benefited from a wealth of experience and the doors that opened. I went down to his gym Sheffield City ABC to meet his head coach, Brendan Warburton. Brendan is a really talented and open minded coach that encouraged his boxers to attend some taster sessions, that progressed to the Saturday morning Combat Conditioning, eventually leading to over 12 of his boxers signed up to the training clusters.

I also voluntarily ran a 10 week movement training program in the gym, that produce some fantastic results in hip and shoulder mobility.

I have loved the time I have spent at Sheffield City ABC, and I am proud to be an England Boxing Level 1 amateur boxing coach so I can help out in the gym, in the corner and give back to the club that I owe so much to.

  • Offer sport science support voluntary
    • BS: To deliver world class sport science support to boxers
  • Engage with the coach
    • BS: Visited Sheffield City ABC and invited Brendan down to my sessions too.
  • Free sessions
    • BS: Taster sessions, visit the clubs, broaden your contacts
  • Build your reputation, gain contacts
    • BS: Share the progress online – case studies, social media posts
  • Build your program
    • BS: Develop the program into products and services that other boxers can get involved with
    • BS: Maintain and further your relationship with a club that has helped you progress

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