Opinion | Jun 16 2015

Fighting Robert Guerrero would tell us if Errol Spence is for real

Daniel Herbert says Errol Spence might just be America's brightest prospect
Errol Spence

THE coming weekend sees a big show in Las Vegas topped by Adrien Broner versus Shawn Porter at the MGM Grand – but as fascinating as that match is, there’s a boxer on the undercard who deserves attention.

Errol Spence Jnr is a welterweight from Texas who just might turn out to be the best of the 2012 US Olympic team. That squad has gone down in history as the American outfit that failed to win a medal, but I don’t think it was quite as bad as people made out.

Never mind that international amateur boxing can be a murky world of alliances and rivalries that often produces bizarre results bearing little relation to punches actually thrown and landed. Sometimes boxers can be unlucky with the draw and sometimes they can just be better suited to the pro game with its longer distances and tendency towards heavier punching.