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Fighting Fit with Frank Buglioni (Part 2)

Our expert blogger, Frank Buglioni explains how to know when to rest
Frank Buglioni
Frank-Buglioni  |  Action Images

FIGHTERS can often over-train, try to train through illness or injury and cause a deficit in their progress. This post examines one of the techniques employed by a fighter to know when to rest.

To begin, it is very important to keep track of your results so you can monitor improvements. It is also a good idea to keep a daily record of resting heart rates. Make sure to keep these readings consistent however, as a regular time and state of rest (lying down or sitting in a chair) will provide for more accurate comparisons. I recommend recording your resting heart rate upon waking whilst lying in bed. *There are many free-to-use apps available for your smartphone to measure heart rates.

A rough guide for resting heart rates in beats per minute is as follows; 45 and below Elite Athlete, 46-55 Excellent, 56-65 Good, 66-70 Average, 71-76 below average, 77+ poor. As your training, diet and sleep patterns improve, so too will your resting heart rate. It is a simple and effective way to gauge improvements and track progress.