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Fast Workout – The Goff’s Workout of the Week

If you are a working man or woman pushed for time or an athlete aiming to get the most out of your session, try Cameron Goff's fast workout
Fast workout
Fast-workout  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

TOP S&C coach Cameron Goff is a busy man – looking after fighters including English champ Charlie Edwards, saving the world one out-of-shape client at a time. The Goff recognises that if he struggles to find the time to exercise, then many of you will encounter the exact same problem; this is not to infer The Goff is anything like a mere mortal of course. That being said he is blessed with both empathy and generosity and, as such, has designed a fast workout that can be completed in a lunch hour or while your kids are at nursery. It is even more beneficial for a fighter. This strength and conditioning workout can be used any time within between weeks four and six of a 12-week training camp. It is short, it’s sharp and it ticks all the corrective S&C boxes a fighter will utilise and benefit from.

NB: Super-sets are when you complete all the reps of two separate exercises before resting. A tri-set is when you complete all the reps of three exercises before resting. For the exercises involving a load, aim for 60 per cent bodyweight minimum, except the squat jumps which should only be 10 per cent bodyweight.

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