1. I haven’t received my print issue through the post.

If your expected issue has not arrived you can contact our helpful customer service team to confirm your copy was dispatched, check your address is up to date, or organise a replacement copy.

 2. I am a new subscriber but I cannot access the website.

Within your welcome email you would have received a unique link to activate your subscription. Please click this link and follow the simple instructions to activate your online account and set up your Axate account.

You can’t access Boxing News online via your subscription until you have set up your Axate account. 

If you haven’t received your link please contact us via

3. I have signed in but I’m being told I have a ‘zero balance’ and need to top up so I can’t access content. Why is it asking me to do this when I’m a subscriber?

If you haven’t already set up your Axate account, please follow the steps in (2).

If you’ve already set up your Axate account, check if you’re logged in to Axate. 

Here’s how to check you’re logged in, or to log in on a new device:
1. Go to Click on the green Axate tab on the left of your screen. 
3. If you see two buttons saying “log in” and “register” that just means you need to log in. Click the log in button. 
4. In the next window, add your email address. The system will send an email to your email inbox (check the spam folder if you don’t see it). 
5. Click the link in the email, and it will take you back to Boxing News. You will now be logged in. 
6. Once you’re logged in, click that green Axate tab and you’ll see that you are listed as a subscriber.

4. I keep logging but it keeps logging me out again.

If you have any trouble logging in, check the third party cookie settings in your browser. Axate needs third party cookies to be permitted in order to function. If you’re using Safari, you also need to ensure that the “cross-site tracking“ setting is “off”. If you’re not sure where to find the cookie settings, Axate has a guide here:

If you’re still stuck, please contact Axate’s helpdesk at

5. My old username and password no longer works on the website.

Your old username will no longer be valid on Boxing News online.  Once you have connected your subscription to an Axate account (follow the steps in 2), just make sure you’re logged into your Axate account to get access.   Please contact our customer service teams if you need any assistance

6. I can’t find my Axate password

You don’t need a password to log in to Axate.  Instead, you’ll receive an email which will securely complete your log in.

7. What is Axate and why am I being asked to sign in?

Axate is a way to pay per article to read Boxing News premium articles online. If you’re not a subscriber, once you’ve registered an account and uploaded some money to your Axate ‘wallet’, you can use it to pay to read premium articles. Alternatively, you can subscribe via ( for unlimited access.

8. Do I have to pay for every article online?

No, you only need to pay to access premium online articles.  If you’re a subscriber, you don’t have to pay to access online articles. 

9.  How much are articles?

If you’re not a subscriber, articles are 40p each, but once you’ve paid for four premium articles in a week, you won’t be charged any more for the rest of the week.  To check when the free reading period ends, just click the green Axate tab on the left of your screen to open the Axate wallet. 

If you’re a regular reader, a subscription is the best value way to read Boxing News online.

10. I want to access my subscription account information so I can see when my subscription ends or is due for renewal.

You can manage your subscription, change your address and see when your next issue is due by visiting You will need your customer ID to log in.

11. How do I ensure I stay logged in, so I don’t have to go through the process of signing in every time?

You don’t need to log in each time you go to Boxing News. Your Axate account will stay logged in within the browser you are using. You only need to log in if you have logged out for any reason, or if you’re reading on a different device. If your online account does log out, just follow the steps in (3). You can always check whether you’re logged in by clicking the green Axate tab on the left of your screen.

12. How do I access the digital edition on the website? – Can I view old issues as part of my digital subscription?

Digital editions are only available to subscribers.  You can view the digital edition via here ( If you don’t have a subscription, you can  subscribe via the Kelsey shop ( creating an online account. The digital edition is included within an online subscription.

13. I subscribed to the digital version via the Boxing News app, do I get access to Boxing News online?

No, a Boxing News subscription via Apple, Amazon or Pocketmags does not include access to the Boxing News content. To gain access please cancel your current digital subscription and re-subscribe via This will include the Digital edition readable via the website.

14. Is Axate secure?

Yes. Axate uses Braintree, a PayPal company, to process payments, so you know your credit card details are secure.

15. I’m having other problems with my Axate account that are not covered in these FAQs

Please contact Axate’s helpdesk at or try their FAQs at