THE Goff has been busy this week – no frolicking in the ocean for him. Here the experienced strength and conditioning coach – also known as Cameron Goff when not saving lives on the beach –  shares a power workout designed to work on increasing explosive power in your punches and the core activation that helps with this. This explosive power training workout should be done at least twice per week – with at minimum of one days’ rest in between these sessions – during weeks four-seven of a 12-week training camp. You should aim to recover for three-five minutes in between sets (unless otherwise stated), as we are not trying to cause fatigue and just want to increase power.

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Explosive power

1) Power cleans – 4 sets 3 reps 3-minute rest

Start with the barbell on the floor, then sit back into a squat position and grip the barbell. Keep your arms fully locked and extended. Start to move the barbell in a straight line (back straight) up your shins towards your hips. As the barbell starts to reached your mid-thigh, make sure you drive your hips forward to send the barbell to a catch position on your front deltoids whilst keeping your elbows high when catching.

2a) Explosive box press-ups – 15 seconds’ work 45 seconds’ rest
2b) Explosive medicine ball slams – 15 seconds’ work 45 seconds’ rest (8-10sets each, alternating exercises)

Press-ups: Set a box to around the same height as your knees. Get into a press-up position with hands on the box. Allow your chest to fall down towards the box and explode up, pushing yourself of the box and land in the press-up start position.
Slams: Start by standing, with a medicine ball on the floor between your feet. Squat down to pick the medicine ball up and fully extend your arms overhead with it whilst adopting plantar flexion (getting up onto your toes). Once in this position drive the medicine ball towards the floor whilst letting go of it.

3) Dumbbell drop box jumps – 4 sets 5 reps

Perform a squat with a dumbbell in either hand falling down to the outside of your legs on the downwards phase of the squat. Once you have sat down as deep into your squat as you can, release the dumbbells and jump/explode up onto your box.

4) Medicine ball throws (on knees) – 3 reps 5 reps

Get onto your knees, hold a medicine ball tight to your chest with your elbows in. Allow your bum to sit down onto your heels. Explode from the hips to get your bum off your heels and drive the medicine ball of your chest as far forward as you can. You may fall forwards which is perfectly fine.

5) Medicine ball overhead throws – 3 sets 5 reps

Start by standing, with a medicine ball on the floor between your feet. Sit down into a squat position with your arms fully extended in between your legs. Grab the medicine ball and start to stand, and when the medicine ball starts to pass your hips you should try to push up and ultimately release the ball overhead, generating as much power as you can.

Core Activation

1) Swiss ball low plank holds – 3 sets 30-45 seconds each set

Perform a low plank with your feet on the floor, our forearms on a Swiss ball and the rest of your body stretched straight and low, facing the floor. Keep your core tight, your feet together and your body in a straight position.

2) Hanging leg raises – 3 sets 15 reps

Fully extend your arms and legs while hanging off a bar e.g. a pull-up bar. Start to raise your legs (which should be straight) up to hip height, so they form a 45-degree angle from your hips. Keep your core tight and don’t allow your body to swing.

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