Feature | Feb 01 2018

EXCLUSIVE Why Tyson Fury linked up with new trainer

Ben Davison, the former champion's new trainer, explains why he thinks Deontay Wilder is more dangerous for Tyson Fury than Anthony Joshua
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury  |  Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

TYSON FURY’S new trainer, Ben Davison, says their alliance was born from a common strategy of how the Manchester giant would tactically approach bouts with the world’s leading heavyweights.

“We broke down a few fights, we were on the same wavelength and I gave him a few ideas he hadn’t thought of and he was impressed with that,” said the 25-year-old trainer.

“I’m not going to say how,” Ben continued of the Anthony Joshua tactics. “I’m not going to give anything away.”