Feature | Sep 01 2016

EXCLUSIVE Q & A with Abner Mares

Boxing News sits down with former three-division world champion, Abner Mares
Abner Mares

Boxing News: Abner, can you please give us an update on your career? How have things been going for you?

Abner Mares: Life has been good, my personal life and my career. A little discouraged and sad about not being able to fight this past June/July. For certain reasons, the New York State Athletic Commission wouldn’t grant me the license to fight in their state. They went based on my history, basically. Before I get into detail with that, I’ve been good. I just came back from a 2.5 week trip to cover the Olympics. I covered boxing for Telemundo and that was awesome. It was a great experience for myself. Great exposure and a learning process as well. As far as I’ve heard, people thought I did an okay job so it’s something that I’ll think about, maybe in the future. It’s something we could definitely continue to do. I’ve been continually training. I stay focused and ready for whatever comes.

BN: Were you training with Robert Garcia while you were down there?


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