Opinion | Jun 30 2015

EXCLUSIVE Naseem Hamed: Amir Khan and Kell Brook must both put their balls on the line

Prince Naseem Hamed outlines why Brook vs Khan is vital to both of them

I KNOW how far Kell Brook has come and I know how far he can go.

Like me he started boxing at a very young age. I remember him because, out of all the kids there, he was the only one who could do a back-flip. He was always doing somersaults and acrobatics, and he was very confident doing them. But nobody really picked up on his boxing ability, nobody really took much notice. Then it all changed suddenly. He was winning everything as an amateur, and serving his apprenticeship very well. He’s getting better as he gets older, he’s found his style and he punches very, very hard.

I was overwhelmed when he won the title, and I’ll be even more delighted to see him establish himself as world champion. Once you’ve become champion you have to prepare even harder. We were always told when we were young that it’s not winning the title, it’s keeping hold of it that’s hard. For me, it came naturally. One defence rolled into two, and into 10, and into 15. Likewise with Kell, as soon as he knew he was going to fight for a world title his attitude changed. He knew he was going to win and he’s retained that determination and positive attitude. He’s going to train even harder, and he’s going to go even further. There will be no complacency. He knows he’s in a very dangerous division, and he knows there’s some serious money to be made. Kell and his father have their sights set on becoming multi-millionaires and they can achieve it if they follow the right path.