News | Jan 24 2018

EXCLUSIVE Michael Conlan reveals new trainer, and next fight date

Top prospect Michael Conlan tells Elliot Worsell why he has left Los Angeles to hook up with the man he believes is "the best coach in the UK"
Michael Conlan
Michael Conlan  |  Mikey Williams/Top Rank

IN between pad sequences, Adam Booth, having finished with Ryan Burnett, his double world bantamweight champion, approaches Michael Conlan and proceeds to whack him in the stomach over and over again with his pads. The gifted featherweight, taken by surprise, tenses his muscles, grimaces, rides it out, and watches as Burnett, now stood in the opposite corner of the ring, smiles the smile of someone who knows only too well what this means.

“I didn’t see him (Burnett) getting this s**t!” Conlan yells, poker-facing the punches aimed at his midsection.

Unbeknown to Conlan, a World amateur champion and Olympic bronze medallist, who is currently 5-0 as a professional, he passed the test.