Feature | Jun 17 2015

EXCLUSIVE Luke Campbell: ‘I’m expecting 20,000 at Craven Park for the Tommy Coyle fight’

Believe it or not, the most well attended fight in Britain this year might just be Campbell-Coyle, writes John Dennen
Luke Campbell-Tommy Coyle

IT’S wild to think that Luke Campbell versus Tommy Coyle might well be the most well attended British fight this year. Even though it’s not for a (major) title, it could summon 20,000 of the Hull faithful to Craven Park stadium on August 1. Campbell is only 11-0 (9) but the Olympic gold medallist is one of Britain’s best professional prospects and in Coyle, who has a 21-2 (10) record, he has a ready-made local rival.

“It’s crazy but all those years of sacrifice and hard work, it’s paying off. People can see that now. No one was never there when I was working and grafting hard and performing well when I was in the amateurs. But people can actually see what I’m doing now and they can see that I’m working hard and performing in the ring and they’re enjoying watching me. It’s a real difference. It’s a good feeling to have and it pushes me on to work even harder,” Campbell told Boxing News. “This fight’s been on the horizon now for the past year. I’m expecting a full house August 1. I’m expecting 20,000. I think it’ll be great.

“My dream is to capture the British public’s eye. I want to entertain them and give them good fights.”