Feature | Jan 16 2015

EXCLUSIVE Deontay Wilder: I may have only been four rounds but I have no worries at all about going 12

Deontay Wilder 'has always been the skinny guy' but is certain he has the stamina for world championship boxing

NO worries at all – I already know what I can do.

“Going rounds is nothing. When you know your potential that you have, it’s no worries at all. If I wasn’t in the shape that I was then there would be worries but I already answered all those questions, I already know myself from the training that I do. Not only in the gym but my strength training as well.

“The only thing you can study is that he’s strong, and maybe a certain punch he likes to hit guys with to knock him out. I never do everything twice all the time, I’m always switching to other stuff like that. The most difficult thing to do is train for a fighter that you don’t know, that you don’t really know nothing about. I’ve only been four rounds four times in my whole career.


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