EXCLUSIVE Carson Jones: ‘There is no way I won’t stop Brian Rose again’

James Slater speaks to Carson Jones ahead of his rematch with Brian Rose

BACK in February of this year, tough and experienced Carson Jones of Oklahoma derailed Blackpool’s Brian Rose via slightly controversial first-round stoppage. Team Rose instantly called for a rematch and now, on August 1, it will happen.

But Jones, 37-10-3(27) is sure it will be a case of repeat and not revenge when the two meet up at middleweight in Hull.

Here the 28-year-old speaks exclusively with Boxing News:

Q: First of all, are you surprised Brian Jones has gone into an immediate rematch with you? I know he and his team screamed for one after you stopped him back in February, but did he need a tune-up fight first?

Carson Jones: “I don’t think I’d say it’s stupid. He’s a fighter, with a fighter’s instinct. He wants payback – which isn’t going to happen – and it’s a natural thing for a fighter to want that.”

Q: The last time we talked, after you’d beaten Rose, you said there would have to be good money for you to take a return. Not to be rude, but have you been given a good payday, what you deserve, for the rematch?

C.J: “Well, there were other fights in the works for me, but they fell through. I was going to have a fight in BKB [Big Knockout Boxing], which being from the UK, I’m not sure you’re familiar with. Anyway, I was in camp training for that. I’ve had seven weeks in camp. Then the Rose [rematch] fight kind of came out of the blue. As I was in shape, it made sense. I’m getting more money than I got the last time.”

Q: Can Brian Rose have improved as a fighter since February?

C.J: “I think he’ll be the same fighter. He thinks his weight was an issue [in the first fight] but it doesn’t really make that much difference. The first fight was at 154-pounds and now it will be at 158-pounds. But I don’t think it will make that much of a difference; he still won’t be able to punch. He’ll be the same person, not changed at all.”

Q: What will a repeat win do for you and can you get motivated for this rematch?

C.J: “Of course. I’m always motivated; I need to fight. I’m getting a payday and I get to stay busy. I’m looking at my next fight afterwards – not that I’m looking past Brian Rose at all. But I’m already talking with another promoter, I’m in negotiations now, for a bigger fight afterwards.”

Q: After you won in February, did you have a break and then get back in training?

C.J: “Yeah, I took a little break. But I’ve been back into it and I’ve already had those seven weeks of full camp.”

Q:  Are you looking at another KO win and do you see any way in which Rose can win this time?

C.J: “No! And there is no way I won’t get the stoppage win.”

Q: Finally, in your opinion, will Brian Rose be finished if you beat him a second time, especially if you beat him by KO?

C.J: “That’s up to him, that’s not my concern. I don’t know. I know how it feels to lose and I wouldn’t want anyone to give up on pursuing their dreams. But I don’t know if he [Rose] is cut out for the top. Maybe he can go back to smaller fights as he builds himself back up, maybe for a good payday but that’s all.”


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