Feature | Dec 12 2015

EXCLUSIVE Anthony Joshua on how to fight Tyson Fury

John Dennen hears Joshua's final warning to Dillian Whyte
Anthony Joshua to win
Anthony-Joshua-to-win  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

IT’S hard to tell how seriously to take the threat. During their pre-fight press conference Dillian Whyte leaned forward to tell Anthony Joshua their rivalry wouldn’t end after Saturday’s British heavyweight title fight.

“Very interesting,” Joshua reflected afterwards, “entertaining, it shows the type of person he is, brute, from a rough and ready background and that’s what boxing needs. It needs characters like him.
“But you know talk is cheap. Talk is definitely cheap. All jokes aside, talk is cheap and he can say all these things but I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

The Dillian Whyte fight will be the first time Joshua headlines a pay-per-view. It’s come at an early stage in his career, a mark of his star power even though it means his fight will be seen by a smaller potential audience. “If it wasn’t pay per view, I wouldn’t mind. I’m getting paid to fight now. That’s unbelievable. I would do it for free and that’s no word of a lie,” he said. “This is a great position to be in.”


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