1. SRISAKET w md 12 GONZALEZ (MAR 2017)
    In a spellbinding fight that lit up Madison Square Garden and left both boxers bloodied and bruised, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai became the first man to defeat then-pound-for-pound No. 1 Roman Gonzalez.
  2. ESTRADA w sd 12 GONZALEZ (MAR 2021)
    More than eight years after their initial meeting, the highly awaited sequel between Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada lived up to all expectations. Estrada secured revenge in a captivating collision.
  3. SRISAKET w md 12 ESTRADA (FEB 2018)
    Srisaket came out on top in a sensational contest with Estrada that was capped off by a round for the ages. In the 12th session, the warring rivals exchanged power punches at an astonishing rate.
  4. ESTRADA w rsf 11 CUADRAS (OCT 2020)
    After going to war three years previously, Estrada and Carlos Cuadras renewed hostilities in another exhilarating matchup. Both fighters hit the canvas, but Estrada won through in the end.
  5. ESTRADA w ud 12 CUADRAS (SEP 2017)
    The opening clash between Estrada and Cuadras also ended with Estrada having his hand raised, though Cuadras pushed him to the absolute limit in a bout where the momentum shifted continuously.
  6. GONZALEZ w ud 12 CUADRAS (SEP 2016)
    An excellent encounter resulted in Gonzalez ripping away Cuadras’ ‘0’ in what was a historic night for the winner, who became Nicaragua’s first-ever four-weight world champion.
  7. GONZALEZ w ud 12 ESTRADA (NOV 2012)
    This was the fight that started the whole series off. In the only one of the 10 bouts to be contested outside of the super-flyweight division, Gonzalez overcame Estrada at light-flyweight.
  8. SRISAKET w ko 4 GONZALEZ (SEP 2017)
    Following on from their barnstorming battle six months beforehand, Srisaket and Gonzalez met in a return match. Srisaket was victorious once again, but this time in far more decisive fashion.
  9. ESTRADA w ud 12 SRISAKET (APR 2019)
    Fourteen months on from his loss to Srisaket, Estrada evened the score by winning the rematch. Srisaket’s decision to ditch his usual southpaw stance ultimately backfired.
  10. CUADRAS w td 8 SRISAKET (MAY 2014)
    When a clash of heads left Cuadras cut over the eye and unable to continue, his contest with Srisaket went to the scorecards, with Cuadras doing enough to win for all three judges.