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Errol Spence vs Shawn Porter was a special fight

'I showed that I’m a dog, that I do have a lot of grit and that I have that ability to take a shot then give a couple back,' said Errol Spence after Porter victory
Errol Spence
Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions
Los Angeles • September 28

BOXERS are barely given any time to recover or reflect before they’re asked what they plan to do next. At a time when Errol Spence Jnr should have been lauded for a gruelling and exciting split decision victory over Shawn Porter, fans voiced their displeasure that the IBF and now WBC welterweight champion failed to commit to the fight they want to see.

The outrage is understandable to a degree. A bout between Spence Jnr and Terence Crawford – widely regarded as the best two fighters in the 147lb division – should be a natural but the business of boxing, powered by warring promoters and broadcasters and sanctioning bodies, rarely answers to common sense. This is not a plea to stop demanding that the best fight the best, far from it, but perhaps the time to complain isn’t immediately after we’ve just witnessed something truly special.

And Spence-Porter was special. It had everything that boxing fans adore about boxing. The skills, bravery and excitement on display inside the Los Angeles Staples Center should have triggered universal respect for the two athletes who delivered what is surely now a frontrunner for Fight of the Year.


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