ERROL SPENCE JR is confident that his showdown with Terence Crawford will deliver the action that lacked in the last welterweight super-fight.

Eight years ago, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao lit up the boxing world when it was announced they would finally fight each other. Before a punch was thrown anticipation swept throughout the sport knowing that two of the 21st century’s biggest names would meet.

While it did arrive many years later than hoped the excitement wasn’t dampened. Sadly, on May 2, 2015, their fight failed to produce a spectacle that would live on in the memories of those who watched.

On July 29 Las Vegas will stage another marquee match-up in the 147lbs division when Spence and Terence Crawford throw down in a potential fight for the ages. Just like Mayweather and Pacquiao it has taken longer than hoped to get these two elite welterweights to agree to a fight.

Spence appeared as a guest on The Last Stand Podcast and was asked by host Brian Custer why this fight will deliver the action that Mayweather against Pacquiao did not.

“If you look at the previous fights and just look at our temperaments you see somebody, try to push me or somebody fight harder, I fight harder. You look at him [Crawford] you see if somebody try to push him, or they try to fight harder he start fighting harder. He has push back I have push back and that’s just a recipe for a great fight, exciting fight and for us to put on a great show.

“We both want to be in the history books,” he continued. “We both want to have a great fight and I just feel like putting us together is like putting two pits in the cage together. Two fighting pit bulls and they both smell blood, they both got a wound and the only way to get out the cage is somebody gotta die. I think that’s gonna be both our mentalities on fight night.”

The winner on July 29 will rightly be called the number one welterweight in the world and be in the debate for best fighter in the sport. Spence versus Crawford is a fight where the money, as important as it is, comes secondary to greatness and legacy.

“I feel like that type of victory does a lot for my legacy,” Spence said.

“I feel like it makes me the best fighter, not only in the welterweight division but makes me the best fighter in boxing period. I feel like a victory knowing how Terence Crawford temperament is and knowing how when you push him, he’s gonna push harder, just having to break him I feel like that’s gonna be legendary.”