Errol Spence: ‘I should have lost my life that night’

Errol Spence
Errol Spence comments publicly on his horror car accident, and whether he'd beat Floyd Mayweather

On training in quarantine…

“This pandemic really been helping me out a lot. Basically recovery, taking my time and getting back. I’m already back, I’m 100%… No restrictions in my training except sparring. I can’t spar yet because I got my teeth knocked out and they put three posts in my mouth. Once they heal, I get my permanent teeth and then I’ll be able to spar.”

On the effects of his car accident…

“I don’t even remember being in the hospital. The only thing I remember is being at home, three weeks later… I didn’t break any bones, no fractures, no anything… I should’ve lost my life that night.”

On Floyd Mayweather…

“100% focused, in my prime, I think I would beat Floyd… He’s very mentally tough. I would cut him off, I would use my jab … throw combinations, work the body and then work the head… I’d try to break him down physically, because I know I’m not gonna break him down mentally.”

What he learned from his car accident…

“Don’t take anything for granted. Around that time, I was taking a lot of stuff for granted. I think I was headed down that way anyway. I was headed down that path to destruction anyway. I was taking a lot of stuff for granted. It was showing… I was already heading to destruction I think and that car accident was eye-opening for me.”

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