Feature | Dec 09 2016

Eric Molina: ‘I used to s*** my pants in fights like this’

'Trust me,' warns Eric Molina, 'I can hurt Anthony Joshua.' John Dennen reports
Eric Molina
Eric Molina  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

ERIC MOLINA has often mentioned his setbacks. That he began his career with a loss, that he’s endured away trips to take on champions on their hometurf. In England now he is a hefty underdog once again ahead of challenging popular IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in front of 20,000 raucous Britons on Saturday at the Manchester Arena.

“I used to s*** my pants in fights like this. I’m sitting here, I’m ready to go,” Molina said, insisting that hard experience has improved him. “I’m calm and I’ve been able to mature into the sport and just take it as they come. If you sit here and you weigh down on how big these fights are, you get out of your element and you lose your mind. You lose the fight before it even starts. I don’t play these fights out in my mind to be any bigger than what they are. It’s just a fight. He’s a human being. He bleeds red, I bleed red. We put gloves on and we go fight. That’s it. That’s all it is to me. It’s a sport. It’s what we love. He loves it. I love it. You guys love it obviously,” he continued.

“The whole world’s got all these odds put against me. This is nothing new to me. This is something I lived with for 10 years. You guys will never sit here with another heavyweight that has come from 0-1. I’ve heard all this and faced this for 10 years. Everything that you guys write about, everything that you guys say, I’ve done for 10 years. None of it fazes me. All I’ve done is prove all of you wrong.”