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England Boxing Youth championships results

England Boxing Youth championships
Chris Bevan/England Boxing
The England Boxing Youth championships took place in Rotherham from February 17-19

England Boxing Youth championships finals results:

Male: 49: Ibrahim Nadim (Bury) outpd by HOPE PRICE (Hunslet Club) split. 52: ETHAN JAMES (Kings Heath) outpd Jake Harrison (Gemini) split. 56: CHARLES FRANKHAM (The Ring) outpd Shiloh Defreitas (Repton) split. 60: MARK CHAMBERLAIN (Team Wiseman BA) outpd Ben Marksby (Darlington) split. 64: BEN VAUGHAN (Lydney Community & Police) outpd John Johnstone (The Ring) split. 69: MARK DICKINSON (Birtley) outpd Josh Frankham (The Ring) split. 75: RAMTIN MUSAH (Beartown) outpd Aaron Bowen (Triumph) unan. 81: KAROL ITAUMA (St Mary’s) rsc 3 Noah Marshall (Knowle). 91: JESSE DEAN HARRIS (Repton) outpd Theo Fearon (Bilborough Community) unan. 91+: MARTIN MONGAN (Ardwick Lads) rsc 2 Robert Davies (Stainforth)

Female: 48: ELIZABETH BOOLS (Trowbridge) outpd Macy Kilkenny (East Middlesbrough) unan. 51: CHLOE WATSON (Birkenhead Venture) outpd Shauna Leigh (East Durham) split. 54: COURTNEY McCARTHY (Jimmy Egans) outpd Maisey Rose Courtney (Bodyshots) unan. 57: SIAN O’TOOLE (Droitwich) outpd Bethany Warne (Devonport Police) split. 60: SADIE THOMAS (Headland) outpd Harli Whitwell (St Ives) split. 64: ELLIE HOPKINS (Braunstone Golden Gloves) outpd Patsy Smith (March) split. 69: OLIVIA HUSSEY (Hook & Jab) outpd Millicent Hansen (Fusion Boxing Fit) unan. 75: GEORGIA O’CONNOR (Seconds Out Boxing Academy) outpd Tori Creighton (Ward Degans) split


Winners in bold

Ring A

49kg Red – Ibrahim Nadim (Bury ABC) vs Blue – Danny Quinn (Devenport ABC) rsc

49kg Red – Hope Price (Hunslet BC) vs Blue – Hussan Hussain (Len Woodhall Community ABC) unan

51kg Red – Kira Carter (Tigers) vs Blue – Shauna Taylor (East Durham B.A) unan

51kg Red – Demi Cox (Scunthorpe Imps ABC) vs Blue – Chloe Watson (Birkenhead Venture) unan

52kg Red – Jake Harrison (Gemini ABC PCC) vs Blue – Jake Finch (Cleary’s ABC) unan

52kg Red – Eithan James (Kings Heath ABC) vs Blue – Bobby Faulkner (Sharpstyle ABC) unan

54kg Red – Ceri-Anne Odell (O’Dells Community Pride) vs Blue – Courtney McCarthy (Jimmy Egans ABC) rsc

56kg Red – Charles Frankham (The Ring) vs Blue – Connor Burton (Middleton Select) rsc

56kg Red – Joe Tyers (Dalington ABC) vs Blue – Shiloh Defreitas (Repton) split

60kg Red – Aqib Fyaz (Northside ABC) vs Blue – Mark Chamberlain (Team Wiseman) split

60kg Red – Donte Dixon (Manor BC) vs Blue – Ben Marksby (Darlington ABC) unan

64kg Red – Catherine Pringle (Northallerton ABC) vs Blue – Ellis Hopkins (Braunstone Golden Gloves ABC) split

64kg Red – Danielle Allsop (St Johns ABC) vs Blue – Patsy Smith (March) split


Ring B

57kg Red – Jesse Stevens (Guilford City) vs Blue – Bethany Warne (Devenport Police ABC) unan

57kg Red – Leah Smith (Bridlington CYP) vs Blue – Sian O’Toole (Droitwich ABC) unan

64kg Red – Owen Cooper (Worcester City ABC) vs Blue – John Johnstone (The Ring) unan

64kg Red – Ben Vaughan (Kings Heath ABC) vs Blue – Lewis Denitith (Team Wiseman ABC) rsc

69kg Red – Amy Bullock (Selby BA) vs Blue – Olivia Hussey (Hook & Jab) rsc

69kg Red – Mark Dickinson (Birtley ABC) vs Blue – Patrick Brown (Salewest ABC) unan

69kg Red – Josh Frankham (The Ring) vs Blue – Michael Hennesay (Bodyshots) split

75kg Red – Will Harty (Hunslet Club) vs Blue – Aaron Bowen (Triumph ABC) unan

75kg Red – Billy Wade (Darlington ABC) vs Blue – Ramtin Musah (Beartown ABC) unan

81kg Red – Terry Dean Smith (Ludlow ABC) vs Blue – Noah Marshall (Knowle BC) unan

81kg Red – Ketan Jackson (Northside ABC) vs Blue – Karol Itauma (St Mary’s) unan

91kg Red – Clyde Best (South Durham ABC ) vs Blue – Jesse Dean Harris (Repton ABC) unan

Quarter-finals results:

Winners in Bold

Ring A 

46kg-49kg – Red – Reece Oldfield (Fenland Sparta ABC) V’s Blue – Hope Price (Hunslet Club) unan

46kg-49kg – Red – Adam Reichard (Wearmouth Boxing Club) V’s Blue – Hasan Hussain (Len Woodhall Community ABC) unan

52kg – Red – Aadam Hussain (The Ring) V’s Blue – Eithan James (Kings Heath ABC) split

52kg – Red – Bobby Faulkner (Sharpstyle ABC) V’s Blue – Keiran Desmond (Chadwell St Mary) unan

56kg – Red – Charles Frankham (The Ring) V’s Blue – Nico Leivers (Kings Heath ABC) split

56kg – Red – Connor Burton (Middleton Select ABC) V’s Blue – Levi Dennis (Attleborough ABC) unan

56kg – Red – Callum Smith (Trowbridge ABC) V’s Blue – Joe Tyers (Dalington ABC) unan

56kg – Red – Shiloh Defreitas (Repton ABC) V’s Blue – Hamzah Ahmed (Wallsall Wood) unan

60kg – Red – Mark Chamberlain (Team Wiseman Boxing Academy) V’s Blue – Henry Turner (Repton) split

60kg – Red – Donte Dixon (Manor Boxing Academy) V’s Blue – Kamrun Sullivan (O’Dells Community Pride ABC) unan

60kg – Red – Ben Marksby (Darlington ABC) V’s Blue – Bailey Philips (Downend Police BC) RSC


Ring B 

64kg – Red – John Johnstone (The Ring) V’s Blue – Brad Ingram (Gloucester City ABC) unan

64kg – Red – Ben Vaughan (Lydney Community and Police Club) V’s Blue – Kai Green (Hyde & District ABC) RSC

64kg – Red – Lewis Deitith (Team Wiseman ABC) V’s Blue – Marcu Molloy (Rotunda ABC) split

57kg – Red – Jessie Wrighton (Phoenix Fire ABC) V’s Blue – Leah Smith (Bridlington CYP) unan

57kg – Red – Angelica Smith (Boston ABC) V’s Blue – Sian O’Toole (Droitwich ABC) split

69kg – Red – Patrick Brown (Salewesr ABC) V’s Blue – Dominic Owoo (Barton Hill ABC) unan

69kg – Red – Josh Frankham (The Ring) V’s Blue – Tyler Rivers (Earl Shilton ABC) unan

69kg – Red – Michael Hennasay (Bodyshots ABC) V’s Blue – Finbar O’Flaherty (Priory Park) unan

75kg – Red – Aaron Bowen (Triumph ABC) V’s Blue – Levi Frankham (The Ring) unan

75kg – Red – Billy Wade (Darlington ABC) V’s Blue – Regan Lazenby (March) unan

75kg – Red – Ramtin Mudah (Beartown ABC) V’s Blue – Samuel Littlechild (Jersey Leonies ABC) unan

81kg – Red – Karol Itauma (St Mary’s) V’s Blue – Ben Jarvis (Redcar ABC) unan

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