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England Boxing Elite championships quarter-finals results

Calum French
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What happened today at the England Boxing Elite championships

Session 1


48kg Adrianna Finch (Boston) beat Molly Perkins (Eastside) pts split

49kg Benn Norman (Shepshed) beat Scott Rankin (Knowsley Vale) pts unan

52kg Blane Hyland (Salisbury) #1 lost to Muzzy Fuyana (Middlesbrough) pts unan

52kg Shamim Khan (Army) lost to William Cawley (Oldham) TKO

52kg Ismail Khan (KBW) #3 beat Ryan Briscoe (Wirral Community) pts unan

52kg Niall Farrell (Kingstanding Second City) beat Louie Lynn (Lynn) #2 pts unan

54kg Chloe-Jane Stansfield (Army) lost to Rachael Mackenzie (H Hour) pts unan

54kg Ramla Ali (London Community Boxing) #3 beat Jade Pearce (Wellington) pts unan

54kg Lauren Parker (Stevenage) lost to Kim Shannon (Second City) #2 pts unan

56kg Connor Coghill (Hull Boxing Centre) lost to Jack Hillier (Southampton) pts split

56kg Connor Marsden (Earlsfield) #3 lost to Liam Davies (Donnington Sports and Social) pts unan

56kg Jeff Nesham (High Fell) lost to Charlie Kenny (Hoddesdon) #2 pts unan


57kg Tori Willets (Eastside) lost to Shelby Brazell (Hartlepool Elite) pts split

57kg Hatty Nylon (Hebden Bridge) #3 beat Kim Rowe (Paddy John’s) pts unan

60kg Calum French (Birtley) #1 beat Rory Lavery (Salisbury) pts unan

60kg Ryan Fillingham (Army) lost to Jake Clarke (Golden Ring) KO

60kg Cory O’Regan (Bradford Police and College) #3 beat Yousif Saeed (Bridgewater Salford) pts unan

60kg Jack Brooker (Northolt) beat Adam Cope (Gus Robinson) #2 pts split

60kg Chelsey Arnell (St Paul’s) lost to Shanice James (Army) pts unan

64kg Dalton Smith (Steel City) #1 beat Connor Parker (Orme) pts unan

64kg Tom McGuinness (Kirkdale) lost to Danny Wright (Centurians) pts unan

64kg Martin McDonagh (Eastern) #3 beat Stephen Rolfe (Retford) pts unan

64kg Fateh Benkorichi (Hoddesdon) lost to Mason Smith (Finchley and District) #2 pts split

Session 2

Ring A

64kg Kate Flynn (No Limits) lost to Nina Bradley (Boston) pts unan

69kg Ekow Essuman (Bilborough) #1 beat Abdul Ibrahim (Hoddesdon) pts unan

69kg Colin Day (Birch Green) beat Ryan Stevenson (Doncaster BA) pts unan

69kg Joe Laws (Birtley) lost to Charlie Stevens (March) pts unan

69kg Billy Le Poullain (Amalgamated) lost to Carl Fail (Far Cotton) #2 pts unan

75kg Zak Chelli (Fitzroy Lodge) lost to Lee Jenkins (Eastbourne) pts unan

75kg Harry Scarf (Salisbury)  #3 lost to Ryszard Lewicki (Sheffield City) pts unan

75kg Lewis Richardson (Centurian) lost to Ben Whittaker (Wodensbrough) #2 pts unan

91kg+ Danny Williamson (Manor) lost to Alex Dickinson (Kirkby) pts unan


Ring B

81kg Tom Whittaker-Hart (Rotunda) #1 beat Harry Wood (Kirkby) pts unan

81kg Andre Sterling (Fitzroy Lodge) lost to Dean Laing (Birtley) pts unan

81kg Bryce Goodridge (Basingstoke) #3 lost to Lynden Arthur (Collyhurst and Moston) pts unan

81kg George Crotty (Royal Navy) beat Ashley Vanzie (Platinum) #2 pts unan

91kg Natty Ngwenya (Army) #1 beat Michael Webster (Empire SOB) pts unan

91kg Peterjack Stubbs (Henry’s) lost to Cheavon Clarke (Gravesham) pts unan

91kg Chris Billam-Smith (Poole) #3 beat Nathan Quarless (Salisbury) pts unan

91kg Anees Taj (St Albans) lost to Ryan Hatton (Tamworth) #2 pts unan

91kg+ Naylor Ball (Guildford City) lost to Courtney Giled (Balham) #3 pts unan


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