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Emanuel Navarette conjurors up shades of Salvador Sanchez

Emanuel Navarette blows away De Vaca in Los Angeles, writes Jack Hirsch
Mikey Williams/Top Rank
Los Angeles • August 17

AT the conclusion of his match with Francisco De Vaca, WBO super-bantamweight champion Emanuel Navarette was pleasantly surprised when his promoter Bob Arum came into the ring and informed him he would be boxing again in four weeks. He will appear on the undercard of Otto Wallin’s shot at Tyson Fury (who was in attendance) in Las Vegas. Because the proximity of the date was so close, Arum wanted to be sure that Navarette came out of his contest unscathed before breaking the news to him. That he did, stopping the game challenger at 1-54 of the third round.

“September 14 is Mexican Independence Day. He is the best Mexican fighter in the world,” gushed Arum of the man he promotes, conveniently forgetting Canelo Alvarez who he doesn’t. However, Navarette’s style of fighting and ability to overwhelm an opponent does conjure up memories of another Mexican, the late, great, Salvador Sanchez.

Navarette, boxing in Los Angeles for the first time, said he was excited to be able to perform in a city with such a rich Mexican fighting heritage. However, the Banc of California Stadium had never hosted boxing before. The 4,000 or so in attendance at the outdoor facility did not make for an electric atmosphere, that was left up to Navarette – who delivered.


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