Feature | Premium | Nov 15 2019

Eddie Hearn – How I went from being the joker who promoted Audley Harrison to the only promoter Sky Sports would work with

In the second of a four-part exclusive series, Eddie Hearn details how a series of phone calls turned his boxing fortunes around
Eddie Hearn Darren Barker

My life as a boxing promoter, by Eddie Hearn (Part II)

AFTER Audley Harrison lost to David Haye, and all the stick I got from it, I was certain I was finished in boxing. It was November 2010.

I had to laugh about it. I was even saying to my friends, “I am done in boxing, mate. That was embarrassing, I am never doing another fight again. F**k that. And as if anyone is ever going to work with me anyway. My credibility is shot.”


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