Feature | Nov 08 2019

How I became a boxing promoter by Eddie Hearn – ‘I was s**tting myself. I didn’t have a f**king clue what I was doing’

Eddie Hearn tells Boxing News the inside story of his life in boxing in the first of a four-part series
Eddie Hearn on Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg
Eddie-Hearn  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

IN the first a of four-part online series, Eddie Hearn, in his own words, describes his journey from childhood to becoming one of the most influential figures in world boxing

I NEVER had any interest in working in boxing or being a boxing promoter but I always loved the sport.

From the age of eight to 14 or 15, I was completely obsessed with it. I would study every fighter in the British Boxing Yearbook, I would know their entire records. It would start with Francis Ampofo, who was my favourite, and then I’d study the record of someone he had fought like “Baby” Jake Matlala, for example. Then I’d study the record of someone he had fought, and on and on it went.


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