Feature | Highlight 2 | Issue | Premium | Nov 01 2019

Drugs, alcohol, street fights, stabbings, tragedies and catching burglars with Robin Reid – the turbulent times of Michael Gomez

Michael Gomez welcomes John Evans into his home to look back on his anarchic life and career
Michael Gomez
Action Images/Carl Recine

MICHAEL GOMEZ hasn’t lost his famous stare. The glare isn’t as intense or intimidating as it once was but it still manages to pierce through the fog that has begun to descend.

“Has Robin Reid told you about when we caught the burglar?” Gomez says, his eyes never leaving mine. “We were training late one night when he was getting ready to fight Vincenzo Nardiello. We got changed, I said, ‘See you later, Rob’ and went. I was walking out and there were bits falling down from the ceiling. I looked up and there was a foot coming though. They were breaking into the gym to rob the Co-op underneath. I creeped back into the changing rooms and went ‘Ssshhh’ to Rob. We got sweeping brushes and mops and we stood either side of the hole in the roof. The fella landed on his feet and I just turned around and went, ‘F**k off.’ They got arrested.”

The “F**k off” is accompanied by a slow but deliberate headbutt and a laugh. It is a relief to see Gomez happy.