Feature | Mar 28 2019

Doug DeWitt: ‘I don’t mean to brag but I used to outbox Marvin Hagler’

On this day in 1980 Doug DeWitt started his pro career. Jack Hirsch caught up with the ferocious contender and former WBO titlist who, while struggling to adjust to the scars fighting left behind, is happy to reminisce about wars with the likes of Thomas Hearns and Nigel Benn
Doug DeWitt

SOMETIMES Doug DeWitt thinks he’s in a bad place. The former WBO middleweight champion occasionally has balance issues, and his speech, while clear, is nevertheless a little bit slower than he would like it to be. When you have had as many tough fights as DeWitt had it becomes almost inevitable that the years in the ring will ultimately take a toll. DeWitt acknowledges this, but has not fully come to grips with it.

“I enjoy the company of women,” says DeWitt “and it bothers me that they sometimes comment that
I seem tired while I speak.”

Reminded that he is now at an age (55) where women might be a little more tolerant that he is not quite as debonair as when younger, DeWitt laughs. He is conscious of how he appears outwardly, which perhaps explains, in part, why until recently he had disappeared from public view.


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