Do you think this will actually be Tyson Fury’s final fight?

Tyson Fury
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We ask the Boxing News panel whether they think Tyson Fury will indeed retire after the Dillian Whyte fight

Kalle Sauerland
Wasserman promoter

I definitely don’t think this will be his last fight. It’s in his blood. He loves the big occasion. He’s taken breaks, he’s still fresh as a fighter and when you’re still improving and putting on those performances in big, big fights then there’s no reason to stop. It would be a shame for his supporters if he did.

Michael Conlan
Featherweight contender

Honestly I’m not too sure. He could definitely bow out now if he wanted to as he’s earned enough but is the tag of undisputed still something he wants? Is the Joshua fight something that can keep him in? He’s nothing left to prove in my opinion but we’ll find out Saturday from Tyson himself.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

I expect him to say it is but I think he waits until after the Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua rematch. I think he’d face the winner of that before getting out.

Declan Taylor
Sports reporter

You can never rule anything out with Fury but I’d be absolutely stunned if we never saw him again after Saturday. He seems to be flying at the moment and there is a ready-made megafight in Usyk waiting for him.

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