Do you think the Chisora vs Parker show should be on pay-per-view?

Buddy McGirt on Derek Chisora vs Joseph Parker
This week we asked the panel what they make of the Chisora vs Parker pay-per-view

Sunny Edwards
British champion

It’s hard for fighters to go from earning XYZ and drawing a certain amount of viewers/fans to taking a massively reduced purse. The fight probably wouldn’t have got made had it not been put on PPV. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Richard Poxon
Boxing manager

No, I don’t think these heavyweight fights should be PPV really. If you look at the recent performances of both of them then it’s a reach to say this is of a ‘traditional Sky Sports PPV standard’. That said I’m sure enough people will buy it to make it viable.

Alex Steedman
Podcaster and pundit

Chisora and Parker now belong in the second tier of heavyweights. This fight should on the undercard of a PPV not the main event itself. I’d have a round robin between that pair, Whyte, Joyce, Ruiz, Hunter etc on the undercard of every big bill.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

No. Those fights should be headlining Saturday Fight Night cards. Boxing fans pay enough to numerous subscription channels so PPV should be for the elite super fights. I also worry in the long term the less eyes on some fighters means they won’t get the recognition they deserve.

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