Sunny Edwards
Rising flyweight
He’s in a very difficult weight, and I think as British fight fans we often lose perspective. I like Conor and his style is captivating to watch, but he still has a long way to go before thinking about the elite welterweights in my opinion.

Paul Smith
World title challenger

There’s a lot to do but he’s willing and able to do that and he’s working so hard in the gym. He’s improved so much. There’s lesser able fighters, who have got less talent and less ability than Conor Benn who have won world titles, so I couldn’t say no he couldn’t win one at all if he’s matched correctly.

Dave Coldwell
Leading trainer

Kids that are coming through, I don’t like writing them off. 147lbs though is always a tough division. That could determine whether he becomes a world champion or not. Would I ever count against somebody with the work ethic and desire Conor Benn’s got in order to improve enough to have the attributes to take him to a world title? No, I don’t count against that but you have to be realistic with the fights that are out there.

Chris McKenna
Sports journalist

If you asked me 18 months ago, I’d have said no chance. Not saying it is a guarantee but there is definitely potential there now if he keeps showing the improvements he has of late. However, he may need some of the big names at welterweight to move on for it to be possible.

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