Deontay Wilder will lose ‘one-sided’ fight to Tyson Fury, says Nathan Gorman

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A man who knows just how hard it is to box Tyson Fury speaks to John Dennen

DEONTAY WILDER will lose a one sided fight to Tyson Fury, insists British heavyweight Nathan Gorman.

Wilder will defend his WBC title against former heavyweight champion Fury at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 1 and Gorman, a former sparring partner of Tyson’s, knows just how good the “Gypsy King” can be.

“For his comeback fight I did a lot of sparring with him,” Gorman told Boxing News. “I do believe it’s going to be very one-sided in Tyson’s favour. I think Wilder’s going to punch fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, if he hits you he’s probably the most dangerous puncher in the world, is Wilder, but it’s hitting Tyson. Trust me, from a man who’s had experience with him, it’s hitting him. He’s very clever. How do you train for that person? Orthodox, southpaw, hands up, hands down, you just don’t know what he’s going to come out and do. I just think he’ll make him miss and make him pay.

“It’s not a beauty contest, it’s fighting and that’s what Tyson can do.”

Deontay Wilder

Nathan knows it’s a good time to be a heavyweight, particularly a heavyweight from the UK. “When have we had eight good names in the rankings of British heavyweights? Never have we? It’s probably the best time ever to be a part of the heavyweight division,” he said.

Gorman boxes on Saturday (October 20) at the Brentwood Centre. However he hopes soon to secure a showdown with British rival Daniel Dubois. “He’s got a lot of hype around him and plus we know each other. There’s a lot of history between me and him. That’s a fight that can easily be made. We’re both with the same promoter. He wants it, I want it. Obviously Frank [Warren, their promoter] wants to build from a promotional point of view. It’ll be a big fight to come,” Gorman said.

“What I do is all wrong for him. He’s very upright, one-two jab, the basics very good,” he added. “I’m coming in rolling shots, slipping shots, hooks, bent arm shots, uppercuts, he doesn’t like that.”

Gorman does expect their rivalry to run and run, suggesting, “There could be a potential trilogy on the cards…”

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