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Deontay Wilder exclusive – WBC heavyweight champion slams Paul Malignaggi and Tyson Fury but reveals newfound respect for Luis Ortiz

WBC champion Deontay Wilder tells Declan Taylor that he deserves more respect as he outlines his plans for Ortiz, Fury and Andy Ruiz
Deontay Wilder
Action Images/Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

THEY say time is the greatest healer but it seems as though nobody told Deontay Wilder. Now 10 months on from his unforgettable draw with Tyson Fury, the frustration of leaving the Los Angeles Staples Center without another victory on his record is still as palpable as ever for the WBC heavyweight champion.

“The world knows it was slow,” Wilder tells Boxing News of Jack Reiss’ 12th-round count, which kept Fury in the fight after a hellacious knockdown had left him temporarily unconscious. “The commentary team knew the situation but they were gifting Fury because of his mental illness case and everything, people were feeling sorry for the guy. Just look at how the commentary were scoring the fight. But I know I never get any praise, ever.

“I wasn’t expecting anything different in this fight but we all know that was a slow-ass count. Everyone knows that.”


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