Deontay Wilder: ‘I’m the realest champion in the world’

Deontay Wilder
Ryan Hafey/PBC
'When you possess my power, you don't worry about Tyson Fury,' says Deontay Wilder

DEONTAY WILDER promises that he is ready for Tyson Fury when they meet on December 1 in Los Angeles. “You’re going to see what happens. I know what I’m going to do, I know what I’m capable of doing. Every word that I speak, I keep it real with people. I’m the realest champion in the world, like I said, I’m real with it. Some people can’t handle real, it gets too real for them. But when you’re in this game right here, when you’re in this business of fights, having to be a gladiator, having to show your strength and be a king, better understand everything I say, I mean. You’re all in for a treat,” he said.

“No one is going to beat me on this special occasion, on this special day, I don’t care who it is. No one. This is what I’ve been waiting on. I do it for my children and ain’t no single man is going to be able to come in and be able to do anything to me. I don’t care what type of record he has, I don’t care what type of skill level he thinks he’s at, that don’t matter. When you get in the ring, all that goes out the window; it doesn’t matter.”

Even though Fury is six foot nine, even taller than Wilder and, at his best, a gifted mover, Wilder maintains he is better. “I don’t care what Fury is going to bring, there’s nothing that this man’s going to be able to do. I’ve fought awkward fighters. I’ve fought big fighters; every fighter I’ve faced outweighed me or nearly doubled my weight. That don’t matter to me. When you possess my power, you don’t worry about a lot of things, because you already know what you’re possessing and when it comes to me, I got the killer instinct; I got the most dangerous killer instinct in the boxing game. No one has a mindset like me,” Deontay said. “They better get a referee in there that’s very strong. The referee better be lifting weights at this point in time because if it gets violent in that ring and that’s my middle name, I’m a Wilder, that’s what I do. I’m a different king in that ring, I’m a different monster and he knows it. That’s why he had to have three trainers. I don’t have to have nothing but the ones I’m with. If he says he’s a big guy, he can do all this s***, why he got to have so many trainers just for little old me?”

Deontay Wilder

“The thing about my [sparring partners], they’ve done a wonderful job with what they had, with what they could do and some of them have been in there with Fury before so they know everything about him, what he’s capable of and how he moves,” he added.

“So with that being said, we did the best we can do. I’m very, very, very, very satisfied with the guys that I had in and the looks that they have given me. I have no doubts in my mind that I’m going to be ready.”

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