Issue | Opinion | Premium | Aug 30 2019

Deion Jumah: ‘I’ve got to fulfil my potential’

In his own words Deion Jumah says he's looking to break through when he fights Wadi Camacho for English cruiserweight title at York Hall on September 7
Deion Jumah
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

I’VE found it hard to get fights and get a relevant opponent who will set me up for the next big fight. It has been difficult. People use the excuse that nobody knows who I am but they know who I am. This is the issue, they know they can avoid me. But people in boxing will know who I am. So me performing on September 7, against Wadi Camacho for the English cruiserweight, title is major.

I remember boxing Wadi in the amateurs [in 2011] well. I remember him hitting me so hard in the first round I couldn’t feel my legs and I realised we were in for a war. I think I underestimated him at the time but I’m not underestimating him now. And I still got the win then, so I’m happy.

I am focused on this fight. It’s Wadi’s last chance. He’s going to be going for it. So I can’t get too caught up in what’s next but when I do win this fight I’m looking at big things.


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