News | Mar 13 2018

David Price hopes for a “clean” fight against controversial Alexander Povetkin

Heavyweight David Price, a man whose career has been wrecked by drug cheats, tells Elliot Worsell the opportunity to fight Alexander Povetkin on March 31 is too good to pass up
David Price
David Price has had a trying professional career Action Images

A David Price defeat feels different to other defeats. Aside from its unmatched drama and emphatic climax, a David Price defeat feels different to the rest because it always seems so unfair.

Unfair because David Price, in losing, proves correct the theory that nice guys finish last. Unfair most of all, though, because David Price folds in rigged games and, in doing so, disproves the theory that cheaters never prosper.

If David Price loses again on March 31, this time to Alexander Povetkin, the feeling will be as familiar as it is painful. There will be an element of expectancy – Price is a heavy underdog – but the theme of a good man being misled by dark forces will continue all the same.


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