News | Aug 28 2016

Robert Guerrero shocked by David Emanuel Peralta

Long shot David Emanuel Peralta defeats Robert Guerrero in Anaheim
David Peralta
Robert Guerrero  |  Andy Samuelson/Premier Boxing Champions

PRIOR to his light welterweight title fight against the great Julio Cesar Chavez, Greg Haugen famously dismissed his opponent’s record as being padded with wins “against Tijuana Taxi drivers that my mom could whip.”

On Saturday night, in Anaheim, California, Argentine David Emanuel Peralta brought a renewed sense of pride to fighting cabbies worldwide as he upset a returning Robert Guerrero in a fight that most people assessed as a deplorable mismatch prior to it taking place.

“I didn’t think I was prepared to fight at this level,” said Peralta after his surprising win. “But I clearly showed that I am.”


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