Feature | Jul 28 2018

David Higgins and a unique approach to pro boxing

Joseph Parker's promoter David Higgins insists he wasn't mad or drunk, just misunderstood. He speaks to John Dennen
David Higgins
Dillian Whyte v Joseph Parker Press Conference  |  Action Images/Reuters/Peter Cziborra

DAVID HIGGINS is a perplexing character. Is he mad? Drunk? Or does he know what he’s doing?

The New Zealand promoter has helped steer Joseph Parker to the WBO world heavyweight title and ultimately a fight against the commercial juggernaut that is Anthony Joshua.

He certainly makes a unique impression. Rarely does a promoter compare their fighter to Abraham Lincoln and Wladimir Klitschko in the same sentence. “Our goal is to become unified champion,” he says. “We may get there, we may not. Abraham Lincoln I think ran for president many times before he got there and Klitschko lost three fights in his 10 year reign. Joseph’s still hungry and we’re going to try to get him back as quickly as possible. So why wouldn’t we fight Dillian Whyte in the biggest boxing market in the world, on British Sky Sports, go back to number one and start going for that rematch against Joshua. Why wouldn’t we do that, rather than go to some backwater and fight a procession of bums and journeymen? It’s a risk return game. We’d probably make less money fighting three easy fights and still risk losing or injury. So only an idiot would do the latter and to us the Whyte fight is like the golden opportunity, it’s like the golden ticket in Charlie in the Chocolate factory, if you’re offered a fight on British Sky Sport. Not only that Whyte’s respected and it’s a good scrap.


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